Ethical Promotional Practices

Things to remember when promoting your business:

Be ethical in your promotional practices or marketing:

  1. We don’t just send links to people without asking their permission. Maraming tao ang turned-off sa ganitong practice.
  2. H’wag send ng send ng link na tipong kinaiinisan na ito ng mga tao. If we spam our links, people will turn away from us.
  3. Are we promoting our business to the right people? It is important to target the right people. This will not only save us time and energy sa kaka-explain, but it will reduce the risk of rejection. Magkakaroon din tayo ng high-quality clients.

Avoid misleading contents:

  1. Make sure na ang promotion natin ay tugma sa inooffer ng company na sinalihan natin.
  2. Siguraduhin na hindi makalalabag sa terms and condition ng company.
  3. H’wag gagamitin ang pangalan ng ibang company para lang mapag-signup sa company na sinalihan. Baka mabansagang scammer kapag ginawa ito.
    Avoid using too much hype.

Avoid using too much hype:

  1. Iwasan ang over-promises, mga too good to be true, redflag ito sa marami. Ang iisipin agad ay scam ang ating pinopromote.
  2. Kung ano ang business plan ng company na pinopromote, h’wag itong dadagdagan at h’wag din babawasan.

If we keep on doing the right promotional practices, people will appreciate us more.

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